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THE ORDER - Rock N Rumble

European Import : AORH3598

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Gianni Pontillo (vocals)
Bruno Spring (guitar)
Andrej Abplanalp (bass)
Mauro Casciero (drums)
Produced by: The Order
Engineered by: Sven Burgin
Mixed by : Achim Kohler
Mastered by: Achim Kohler
ROCK'N'ROLL RUMBLE, the fifth album of the Swiss hard rockers, follows the chart buster 1986 (2012) and is yet another homage to the glorious hard rock of the 80's! The Swiss quartet takes classic hard rock with a strong 80's vibe to the next level with a modern sound, thus making sure that the genre fits the 21st century perfectly. The Order are still as passionate as ten years ago, without any line-up changes by the way, and that's why - in true Def Leppard style - it took quite some time until they finished the new album, because they kept on overhauling and perfecting the songs. In the end they picked the best 10 out of 20 songs and recorded them.
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