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OSUKARU - Transition

European Import : AORH3311A

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Frederik Werner (vocals)
Oz Osukaru (guitar, keyboards)
Frederik Werner (guitar)
Frederik Svensson (bass)
Axel Ryberg (drums)
Produced by: Oz Osukaru
Engineered by: Oz Osukaru
Mixed by : Kevin McNoldy, Oz Osukaru
Mastered by: Kevin McNoldy
Osukaru have been recording and performing for a five years, already having an impressive number of releases under their belt. "Transition" is the fourth full album and a giant step forward for Oz Osukaru and his bunch. Much stronger songs and an extremely powerful production makes this is an utterly essential purchase for Scandinavion AOR lovers into MISS BEHAVIOUR, GRAND DESIGN and ALYSON AVENUE (at their powerful moments). Truly superb !
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