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Steve Overland (vocals)
Christian Wolff (guitars, keyboards)
Mike Slamer (guitar, bass, keyboards)
Larry Antonino (bass)
Jay Schellen (drums)
Produced by: Mike Slamer
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Mike Slamer
Mastered by: Mike Slamer
Steve Overland has a history that goes way back into the late seventies, his first major recording was with the band "Wildlife" in 1980. After the demise of "Wildlife" Steve went on to form the cult British melodic rock band "FM", a band that released many great albums throughout the eighties and nineties and more recently in 2013. Their popularity has always been at the forefront of British Hard Rock. Steve provides lead vocals for a Boston Tribute album, singing 'Amanda', one of the album highlights. Steve also teamed up with Steve Morris of "Heartland" fame to record the much acclaimed "Shadowman" albums "Land of the Living","Different Angles", "Ghost in the Mirror", and "Watching Over you". Steve has also fronted two releases by "The Ladder", which is a dream come true for all fans of FM as the band is an extension of the great FM themselves. "Future Miracles" was welcomed by fans old and new and it was hailed by many as the best album of 2004. More recently "Sacred" is an album that hones the identity of "The Ladder".Steve's first solo album "Break Away" had fans divided as it was so much different from his work with FM, but many grew to love it as it was something different from the norm. Steve gave us a more classic approach to melodic rock with "Diamond Dealer", with great songs that have feeling and depth. It's now time for one of the finest starts to 2014 you could possible want to wish for, the album "Epic" which is the brand new release from this famous vocalist. Getting Mike Slamer, Billy Greer of Kansas and Billy Trudel involved in the process makes for a big big album. It's the quality of the songs and musicianship on this album that makes it so special and credit to Christian Wolff (Rob Moratti) who has also made this album so remarkable with his great guitar playing and song writing. This is a perfect album from Steve, if you have a penchant for perfect harmonies, big guitars and soaring keyboards topped off with a top-notch production then look no further than this. A Classic - already !
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