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OZONE - Self Defence

European Import : ESM281

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Chris Ousey (vocals)
Steve Overland (vocals)
Mike Slamer (guitar, keyboards, bass)
Tommy Denander (guitar, keyboards, bass)
Kerry Denton (drums)
Ronnie Platt (backing vocals)
Billy Greer (backing vocals)
Produced by: Mike Slamer
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Mike Slamer
Mastered by: Mike Lind

The two "O's" have joined forces on a collaboration that has been whispered for years now and the rumours have all been true as this great union is about to be unleashed on the world. This is just beyond a dream, even the thought that two of the finest melodic rock vocalists in the UK would come together and record an album. We all know the work of Mike Slamer (City Boy, Streets, and Seventh Key) and his amazing production expertise, well here he outshines all of his previous work with a razor sharp explosion of talent. Mike has a knack of making great music sound even better and this is all the evidence we need. Tommy Denander (Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, and Radioactive) once again joins forces with Mike as song writer plus sharing guitars, keyboards and bass on many of the songs, and on top of it all you get some great backing vocals from Kansas members Ronnie Platt and Billy Greer just like icing on the cake!!! This is an outstanding album and its lives up to the hype: this is a recording that will leave you open jawed and begging for more as it ticks all the boxes and more. This album is dedicated to Christian Wolf R.I.P.

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