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PARADISE LOST - Paradise Lost Deluxe Edition

US Release : DIVE101

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1. Scheme Of Things
2. Shelter
3. Dark Horse
4. Light The Dark Sky
5. Someday
6. Dream Of Love
7. Ashes & Gold
8. Cities In The Night
9. On My Way Back Home
10. Riding Elevators
11. In The End (Paradise Regained)
12. Cities In The Night (John Mills Sessions 1987)
13. Tonight (John Mills Sessions 1987)
14. Light The Dark Sky (John Mills Sessions 1987)
15. This Love's Our Own (John Mills Sessions 1987)
16. Light The Dark Sky (Live at Nashville 1988)
17. On My Way Back Home (Live at Nashville 1988)
18. Choice Of Love (Live at Nashville 1988)
1. Decorations (Perelandra Studios Sessions 1990)
2. Hard Emotions (Perelandra Studios Sessions 1990)
3. Magic (Perelandra Studios Sessions 1990)
4. So Long (Perelandra Studios Sessions 1990)
5. Did You Forget? (Recorded Live At Exit In 1987)
6. Hope Of Love (Recorded Live At Exit In 1987)
7. Rumors (Recorded Live At Exit In 1987)
8. Heartache (Sound Shop Sessions - 1988)
9. To You Sound Vortex Sessions 1986-1987)
10. Rainfall On A Sunny Day (Sound Vortex 1986-1987)
11. Hollywood (Sound Vortex Sessions 1986-1987)
12. Sand In My Shadow (Sound Vortex Sessions 1986-1987)
13. Out Of The Ashes (Sound Vortex Sessions 1986-1987)
14. World Fair (Sound Vortex Sessions 1986-1987)
15. Gentle Pain (Sound Vortex Sessions 1986-1987)
Dave Privett (vocals)
Mark Seely (keyboards, vocals)
David Howard (drums)
Dale Howard (guitar)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Jamie King
The country music mecca of Nashville, TN may seem an unlikely home for a progressive-edged hard rock quartet, but that didn't stop PARADISE LOST. Formed in late-1985 under the name Audience, the group's core shared a mixed bag of influences including Yes, Journey, The Police, Rush, and U2-not to mention gospel, jazz, and '70s and '80s pop.
The troupe rebranded itself PARADISE LOST within a few short years-a banner that vocalist Dave Privett cites as "a name with some mystery that still encapsulated some of the paradoxes in our music," and eventually secured a deal with major label imprint Gold Dust Records. The undeniably unique existential passion of PARADISE LOST's musical journey-heavy riffs with soaring melodies, hooks with complexity, and a heavy metal look with a philosophical twist-garnered favorable press locally and abroad; even scoring a 4K review from Kerrang!'s Dave Reynolds.
In addition to the band's unsung classic self-titled full-length from 1989, this reissue additionally compiles previously unreleased demos and live recordings spanning 1986-1990: PARADISE LOST's ear-complete history in more than 30 tracks. This deluxe edition also contains a 28 page booklet with in-depth interview, album lyrics as well as archival photos and press clipping from the band's vault. For the fans, by the fans.
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