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US Release : KR056


Jace Pawlak (vocals, keyboards, bass, drums)
Dennis Pawlak (guitar, backing vocals)
Trevor Pawlak (guitar)
Produced by: Ty Sims, Jace Pawlak
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Ty Sims
Mastered by: Ty Sims
In a climate of ever changing musical trends and unrecognizable genres, there is a longing for a sound that so many of us grew up attached to. A style and sound that sparked emotion and excitement. Music that inspired and help create a memory for our youth. Well look no further than Jace Pawlak. As he Promises to do just that. With his aptly titled release, PROMISE on Kivel Records. Jace weaves a tapestry of upbeat AOR that would make bands like Night Ranger, The Storm and Bad English nod with approval. In fact, dare we say, you may check to see if these are unreleased songs by the above mentioned bands, as that's how close to the mark he nails that respected genre sound. Jace proudly wears his influences on his sleeve and this album is a badge of that honor and pride. A MUST for any fan of the AOR genre. Ty Sims, who recently produced House of Lords "Indestructible" is behind the board help shaping the big AOR sound on this album. As producer and engineer, and he did not fail in his mission. Jace Pawlak a man usually behind the curtain, as he has been a song collaborator and contributor to such acts as, Goodbye Thrill, Tango Down, Farcry and Romeo Riot. Finally steps out front to deliver an album he will PROMISE, that does not disappoint.
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