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PLACE CALLED RAGE - Place Called Rage

European Import : ESM242

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Al Pitrelli (guitar)
Tommy Farese (vocals)
Danny Miranda (bass)
Chuck Bonfonte (drums)
Produced by: Paul Orafino
Engineered by: Paul Orafino
Mixed by : Paul Orafino
Mastered by: tbd
Back In early 1995, four Long Island musicians were commissioned to do a record, representing the Long Island sound. Bands from the 1980's onwards were breaking all over. From California to the Jersey shore, even Seattle had their own sound, but no one band ever represented one of the greatest musical hot spots of the world; Long Island NY. Long Island has always been the go to place for great musicians. Along came 4 top guys (with a little help from some friends); Al Pitrelli, ( Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Asia, Savatage ), Tommy Farese, ( Trans Siberian Orchestra, and has played with the likes of Bobby & Teddy Rondinelli, Tommy Byrnes (Billy Joel), Danny Miranda, ( Blue Oyster Cult, Queen with Paul Rodgers ), & Chuck Bonfonte ( Saraya & Various Top NY bands). Plus many guests such as Mark Mangold of Touch / Drive She Said. These four musicians decided it was time to do a record that would try and capture the essence of the Long Island Sound. The result ........ Place Called Rage. There was virtually no budget for this record, and some how they managed to write and record it in one week, at Millbrook Studio NY, and engineered by Paul Orafino (Tyketto). These songs have never been performed live any where, and have probably not been heard outside Japan. This was a one time colabaration on a project that was never meant to be. Shortly after the record was done Al & Tommy got a call to do Trans Siberian Orchestra. Danny went off to Blue Oyster Cult, & Chuck went off to Law School. This record captures the true Long Island Sound, by giving you different song styles and feel, but still keeping its hard rock backbone. Its raw quality is due to, most of what you hear is one take; there was very little time to Overdub anything, or put background vocals in. Its what NY musicians do best, & thats ......" Wing It " ....... making the best of what little time & resources they have. We Hope you enjoy Place Called Rage, even though it was done back in the 90's, we believe the songs are timeless, and this record is one of a kind.
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