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POLUTION - Overheated

European Import : ESM172

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Marcel (guitar)
Andreas (bass)
Armin (drums)
Pascal (vocals)
Matthias (guitar)
Produced by: Tommy Vetterli
Engineered by: Tommy Vetterli
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Polution was founded in 1997 and has been playing in today’s music scene since 2005. The band are used to playing their music in various `rock-cellars` right up to renowned clubs such as the Rohstofflager in Zurich, the Treibhaus in Lucerne or the Transsilvania in Erstfeld. Polution have acted as support for bands such as Krokus, Sideburn and John Coghlan (formerly of Status Quo). Being placed third at the Emergenza Bandcontest `06 in Zurich currently ranks among the band’s greatest success story. While originally having focused on cover-versions of bands like AC/DC, Metallica and Motörhead, the band has started to continually include more and more of their own songs into their repertoire. They have developed a style based on supportive melodies and hard guitar riffs. This music style has gained large approval amongst listeners and has gained them a following beyond the local area for their outstanding instrumental communication on stage. In spring 2007, Polution took the chance and ventured into producing a CD at the New Sound Studio. The recording is produced and engineered by Tommy Vetterli at NewSoundStudio, Switzerland. Tommy was a founder of trash-metal-band Coroner in the 80's as their guitarist, and has since started as a music producer for bands like Gotthard, Pure Inc., PX-Pain, Backwash, much much more. The debut CD by Polution is full of great catchy songs with an energetic sound, anyone who likes the music of AC/DC, Airborne and Krokus should look no further than these boys. Guaranteed to stop you in your tracks, this is a monster of a recording and is bound to set pulses racing when it is released....watch this space
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