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THE PROWLERS - Point Of No Return

European Import : PERR4242

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Fabio Minchillo (vocals)
Alex Vincis (bass)
Massimo Canfora (guitar)
Dr. K (drums)
Max De Stefano (keyboards)
Produced by: Tommy Hansen, The Prowlers
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen
The Prowlers were born in Rome ( Italy ) during winter 1996. As almost every Band at the beginning of its activity, our Gigs where based on playing Cover Songs. But after about one year of Live Shows all around Italy, we started to write original music. In July 2009 we took part at the first edition of the Devilstone Open Air Festival in Lithuania with Sepultura as headliners. On 2010, September the 25th, The Prowlers took part at the most important Metal Festival in Southern Italy: the Total Metal Festival! The Prowlers have signed a deal with the American Label "Perris Records" to release their 4th Album "Point of no return" by January 2013!!
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