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PUSH UK - Future Into Past

European Import : AORH3404

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David Saylor (vocals, guitar)
Brett Hammond (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)
Paul Pryor (bass, backing vocals)
Rob Hewins (drums, backing vocals)
Nik Lloyd (guitar, backing vocals)
Produced by: Brett Hammond
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Rob Hewins
Remastered by: Rob Hewins
Former 80's British band Push (UK) became the first band to be released on brand new label AOR BLVD Records. Push have a history that goes way back to the mid 80's, when they were called Series Red. During the mid 80's, Push (UK) had showcased to the likes of RCA, CBS, Island and Virgin Records. By 1987, they had recorded twelve demo tracks, but no one was buying. Shy vocalist Tony Mills sang briefly with the band, when Saylor was occupied with prior commitments elsewhere. Initially released under the title "Strange World" in 2010 the album has been completely facelifted with the addition of 6 bonus tracks. Music wise a must have for British AOR lovers into FM, AIRRACE & Co. Limited edition (500 copies).
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