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QUEENSRYCHE - Queensryche Ltd Ed

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Todd La Torre (vocals)
Michael Wilton (guitar)
Parker Lundgren (guitar)
Eddie Jackson (bass, backing vocals)
Scott Rockenfield (drums)
Produced by: Queensryche, James Barton, James "Jimbo" Barton
Engineered by: Andrew Raiher, Tom Hall, Chad Gendason, J.J. Farris, James "Jimbo" Barton, Jason Daggett, Patrick Thrasher, Sean McLaughlin
Mixed by : James "Jimbo" Barton
Mastered by: Tom Baker
Following the messy departure of Geoff Tate, Queensrÿche hired former Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre, and recorded this self-titled offering. Co-produced by the band and James Barton, this is the album most Queensrÿche fans have desired for the last 15 years. It's a return to their metal swagger and strong songwriting (all members contributed), infectious vocal choruses, and stellar twin-guitar harmonies by Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren. This is the sound of Empire, with hints of their early-'80s material updated for the 21st century. While the big question was whether La Torre was up to the task of fronting such an iconic-sounding band, it shouldn't have been. He was the dominant force in Crimson Glory, and his range is wide whether clean, snarling, or using a falsetto that is equal parts Ronnie James Dio, early Ian Gillan, and yes Tate (La Torre is a longtime Queensrÿche fan). His timbre and pitch are solid, and he adds the right balance of gloss and grit to the guitar riffing, in-the-pocket drumming, and bass thud. Despite the references to their past, Queensrÿche doesn't sound nostalgic; if anything, the band sounds revitalized. They took stock, kept what worked, and disposed of the dead weight. This Limited Edition includes three bonus track live versions of classic songs, a patche, a sticker, a button pack and guitar picks.
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