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RAGDOLL - Back To Zero

European Import : AORH3581

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Ryan Rafferty (vocals, bass)
Leon todd (guitar)
Cam Barrett (drums)
Produced by: Troy Tondi Nababan
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Troy Tondi Nababan
Mastered by: Troy Tondi Bababan
Hard rock power trio Ragdoll have blazed a trail for independent Aussie rock music since releasing their début EP in 2011. Built around the classic trio format and lead by the incredible vocals of singer/bassist Ryan Rafferty, Ragdoll have built a solid fan base at home and abroad by compiling an impressive tally of releases backed by international touring. Their first full album "Back To Zero" sees the power trio from under bringing together influences from over 40 years of rock music into sharp focus. "Back To Zero" is best described as "Hair Grunge"; hooks reminiscent of the finest 70's and 80's hair metal / hard rock with the aggression of the early 90's and that pretty much sums everything up.
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