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RANDOM DAMAGE - Human Flytrap Ltd Ed

European Import : CD6009

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Dean Boland (guitar)
John Prutton (bass)
Jonas Falle (guitar)
Ray Hartmann (drums)
Produced by: Random Damage, Steve Lamble
Engineered by: Vic Levak
Mixed by : Vic Levak
Mastered by: tbd
Formed in 1994, RANDOM DAMAGE was quickly snapped up by Mascot Records. Drummer Ray Hartmann was very well known to the label as his previous band ANNIHILATOR had toured extensively over in Europe through Mascot personel. Hartmann finally given the freedom to showcase his talents in the studio, and he didn't dissappoint his fellow drumming idols with the self-released album "Random Damage" (1996). The shredding guitar attack of Dean Boland (Doomsayer) and Jonas Falle (Aragathor), together with the booming bottom-end from John Prutton (Doomsayer) completed the metal quartet's aggressive, edgy attack. Melodic, yet, raunchy biting rhythyms portray RANDOM DAMAGE's style. Falle's lyrics deal on real life issues ranging from living on the street to domestic violence, always trying to find a positive influence out of a bad situation. The new album entitled "Human Flytrap" is a more modern approach to todays society, and has a sound that can stand up over time. Check it out and get caught in the "Human
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