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RATT - Dancing Under Cover

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Stephen Pearcy (vocals)
Warren DeMartini (guitar, backing vocals)
Robbin Crosby (guitar, backing vocals)
Juan Croucier (bass, backing vocals)
Bobby Blotzer (drums)
Produced by: Beau Hill
Engineered by: Michael O'Reilly, Jim Faraci
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Ted Jensen
Digitally Remastered by: Jon Astley
Ratt's fourth release, Dancing Undercover originally came out in September 1986. From a commercial standpoint, the album kept Ratt's string of consecutive Platinum albums alive.This is the first album as well to see Crosby's lead guitar duties minimized in favor of DeMartini. In an effort to be taken more seriously, Ratt broke from the tradition of featuring a girl on the cover. They instead opted for gritty black-and-white photos of each of the five band members. Likewise, the album does not contain a single power ballad amongst its ten tracks and even features experimental forays into thrashier and heavier sounds. The song that reflected this most strikingly was "Body Talk", which was featured on the soundtrack for the 1986 Eddie Murphy film The Golden Child. The more straight-ahead style of the album (especially with this song) lead many fans to believe that Ratt was headed in a direction more akin to the thrash style promulgated by such bands as Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. However, that proved not to be the case as the slightly experimental undertones of the album were quickly replaced with a bluesier sound throughout their next three releases. Other popular tracks generated by the album included "Dance" and "Slip of the Lip". Through 1987, Ratt embarked on a U.S. tour with newcomers Poison, and played in Europe as a part of the Monsters Of Rock Tour (widely bootlegged). Their tour with Poison was the 6th highest grossing tour of 1987. Ratt also played Madison Square Garden.

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