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RED RAVEN - Chapter One The Principles

European Import : AORH3191

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Martin Reichhart (bass)
Frank Beck (vocals)
Patrick Fey (guitar)
Sascha Waack (drums)
Produced by: Red Raven
Engineered by: Red Raven
Mixed by : Red Raven
Mastered by: Red Raven
This German Hard Rock quartet features singer Frank Beck, who replaced Kai Hansen when he got sick during Gamma Ray's “Empire Of The Undead” tour. Red Raven delivers in "Chapter One: The Principles" pure trademark German Hard Rock meets metal inspired in the '80s / '90s yet with a modern updated sound. A sound typically European - and quite related to the present Swedish wave - that means compact, clean, tight and crisp. The star in Red Raven is singer Frank Beck. The man is able to reach impossible high notes and croon among the best during the slower tunes. If you’re into Black Sab’s “Headless Cross” meets Avantasia
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