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RED'SCOOL - Press Hard

European Import : AORH3389

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Slava Alekanov (vocals)
Sergei Fedotov (guitar)
Ilia Smirmov (guitar, backing vocals)
Dima Pronin (bass, backing vocals)
Andrew Krouglov (drums)
Produced by: Jack Benzin, Davy Vain
Engineered by: Jack Benzin, Davy Vain
Mixed by : Oleg Valkov
Mastered by: Boris Istomin
Reds'Cool hails from St. Petersburg, Russia. Their third album, "Press Hard", like their previous album, demonstrates a command of classic melodic hard rock. Reds'Cool can rock with their American and European kin with ease. They're not reinventing the wheel or trying to copy a certain band's classic sound. This is straight up hard rock, maybe even harder than previous material. To sum it up : "Press Hard" is solid, consistent, and entertaining melodic hard rock. They've stayed true to their musical path and produced a mature, well-composed, album.
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