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RENEGADE - Too Hard To Die

European Import : AND016

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Stefano Senesi (vocals)
Domano Animannati (guitar, backing vocals)
Stefano Guidi (bass)
Roberto Mannini (guitar)
Andrea Ammannati (drums)
Produced by: Massimo Bettinazzi
Engineered by: Stefano Battaglia
Mixed by : Stefano Battaglia
Mastered by: tbd
During the Summer of the year 2005 members of Electric Fluid and Holy Sinner, two metal bands from Florence, met the singer Stefano Senesi and created Renegade. These guys play classic hard n' heavy of the 80es with strong Zeppelin influences. The songwriting is very fast and quickly they recorded Too Hard to Die, their first work as a band, including 11 tracks of pure passion, instinct and epic dramatic moments. Differently from the present heavy metal scene, Renegade claim the original meaning of rock, based on simplicity, spontaneity and freedom. In fact, they exhume from the general oblivion, alternative tunings and other things, totally different from modern heavy-metal. Renegade are daring to promote their music and activities even though they are very well aware of the general hostility that they will meet on their path. Their music contains no drum machines and no deviant modernity. Their prophetical singer, in the early 90es, had already predicted the decline of this kind of music, that until that time, was free in part from the complex technologies and effects of today. These are the inevitable signs of time, signs that Renegade try to oppose or just try to not to be totally involved in.
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