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ALBERTO RIGONI - Something Different

European Import : LMC227

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Alberto Rigoni (bass)
Lorenzo Nizzolini (keyboards)
Enrico Buttol (drums)
Marco Torchia (drums)
Tommy Ermolli (guitar)
Daniele Gottardo (guitar)
Irene Ermolli (vocals)
Daniele "Kenny" Conte (vocals)
Produced by: Alberto Rigoni
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Marino De Angeli
Mastered by: Marino De Angeli
"Something Different" is Alberto Rigoni's debut solo album. Comprising of ten tracks, eight of which arranged as instruments and two of them with vocals showcase one of today’s hottest bass players in a variety of musical climates away from his work with progressive metallers Twinspirits. “Something Different” features on one side of its character the extreme variety of the tunes, on the other side the union of experimental research with the comeback of melody. Progressive, funky, rock, fusion, ambient suggestions blend in an original poetical mix that frees from any defined genre and turns out to be immediately catchy release to every kind of listener.
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