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RIOT - Narita

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Guy Speranza (vocals)
Mark Reale (guitar)
Rick Ventura (guitar)
Jimmy Iommi (bass)
Peter Bitelli (drums)
Produced by: Steve Loeb and Billy Arnell
Engineered by: Jim Jordan
Mixed by : Roddy Hui
Remastered by: Jon Astley

THE FACT that 'Narita' exists at all is testament to the hard work & tiger-eyed belief of a small group of people who pursued a dream across continents & labels, determined to wreath the Riot name in lights. For the group themselves, despite having the talent & the tunes, nothing was to come easy; no deal just fell into place, no promotion happened of its own accord. It was always a question of pushing hard, then pushing some more, and when - for political reasons - they couldn't get a record released at all, they were left with no option but to call upon the fans to petition the label on their behalf. Bear this in mind when listening to 'Narita'; not only is it one of the finest hard rock releases of the late '70s (just ask Geoff Barton at Classic Rock), but it shows what can be achieved when you don't take "no" (or "maybe" or "perhaps") for an answer. This special collector's edition includes:

16 page full colour booklet - Original and enhanced artwork with new photos and extensive memorabilia
4,000 word essay written by Derek Oliver
Special 'vinyl finish' CD
Endorsed quotes from Classic Rock editor Geoff Barton

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