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European Import : Candy149

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Stephen McNally (vocals, guitar)
Rick Benick (guitar, vocals)
Michael Read (keyboards, vocals)
Tom Myers (bass, vocals)
Bobby Johns (drums, vocals)
Produced by: Flo, Eddy
Engineered by: John Stronach
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: andy Pearce

ORIGINALLY ISSUED in 1980, this album is a remarkable attempt to distil the Roadmaster sound into a tougher, full-on melodic hard rock attack, focussing on sharp edged guitar playing rather than relying on billowing clouds of keyboards and backing vocals. With Steve McNally’s signature voice making the most of the melodies and Rick Benick’s guitar work providing solid gold easy action, the album cruises past the finish line as if they were men hell bent on ripping up the rule book. Produced by Frank Zappa alumni Flo & Eddie, the sound here is far livelier than anything they recorded prior to this, giving the band a new rough and ready identity without losing sight of their main principals; great songs, plenty of melody and a stylish swagger that the likes of Journey eventually rode to multiplatinum glory. 24-bit remastering from original source tapes, 3,500 word essay about the making of the album, band involvement and additional photos spread out over a 16 page full colour booklet.

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