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SAGA - Pleasure And The Pain

European Import : ERMU210390

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Ian Crichton (guitar)
Jim Gilmour (keyboards, vocals)
Glen Sobel (drums)
Michael Sadler (vocals)
Jim Crichton (bass
Produced by: Jim Crighton, Raul Mora
Engineered by: John Henning, Raul Mora
Mixed by : Bengt Jaeschke
Mastered by: Bad Kosen
Pleasure & the Pain is the twelfth studio album by Saga. On "Pleasure & The Pain", SAGA presents a much more edgy and tougher side than on their preceding albums. For SAGA quite unusual, the guitar as the leading instrument dominates most of the tracks, powerful riffs take the place of former extensive keyboard parts. At that time, the band was searching for a new contemporary SAGA sound while sticking to their trademark components. "Pleasure & The Pain" is clearly among the most exceptional works of SAGA. Due to difficulties with his personal schedule, Steve Negus is missing on this record. For the recordings he was replaced by studio pro Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper a.o.).
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