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SAIDIAN - Evercircle

US Release : BISR25

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Markus Engelfried (vocals)
Markus Bohr (keyboards)
Rodrigo Blattert (guitar)
Stefan Lüddemann (bass)
Bernd Heining (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Axel Reckert
Mixed by : Axel Reckert
Mastered by: Mike Lind
Founded in 2004 by keyboardist Markus Bohr, German melodic power metal band Saidian featured the talents of singer Markus "Angel" Engelfried, guitarist Rodrigo Blattert and original bass / drum rhythm section Manuel Glassmann & Stefan Dittrich. Things moved rapidly in the Saidian camp as the guys released their debut album, "For Those Who Walked The Path Forlorn" the following year. This record was promoted by a full European tour with Jon Oliva's Pain. The Savatage mastermind liked the band so much he contributed guest vocals on their following album Phoenix, which was released in September 2006. Those sessions included former Primal Fear / Sinner drummer Klaus Sperling, a mighty replacement to fill the throne between the departure of Dittrich and arrival of current percussionist, Bernd Hainning (Chinchilla). Hitting the club and festival circuit, Saidian's meteoric rise peaked with an earth shaking performance at the first Magic Circle Festival in summer 2007. [Documented on the Magic Circle Festival DVD Vol. 1]. But there can be no light without the dark and the group encountered a few stumbling blocks as bassist Manuel Gassmann quit amidst other business snafus. The silver lining in that dark cloud was Glassmann's replacement, bassist Stefan Lüddemann, a metal scene veteran who cut his teeth along side players that would go onto prominence in bands like Helloween & Pink Cream 69. Stabilized with the strongest lineup to date & the support of their new label, Swedish / American Blistering Records [Bloodbound, Jorn, Almah, Starbreaker] the band cut its blazing new album Evercircle. The recording took place between March - September of 2008 with the talents of German producer Axel Heckert, (now also Saidian's live engineer). Evercircle showcases a broader musical spectrum for Saidian including a mix of headbanging anthems, melodic rockers, powerful ballads and the band's first cover song, the 1981 hit, "Tokyo" from the German hard rock band of the same name (later known as Craaft). One listen to songs like the mystic "Solomon's Dance," the powerful "Pale Moon Rider" or the barnstorming opener "Out Of The Shadows" & you'll hear what the European festival scene has been raising their ale horns to for half a decade. Prost!
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