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SARACEN - Redemption

European Import : ESM268

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Steve Bettney (vocals)
Paul Bradder (keyboards)
Paul Highfield (bass)
Tris Alsbury (drums)
Rob Bendelow (guitar)
Simon Roberts (guitar)
Produced by: Tommy Hansen
Engineered by: Paul Hume
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Life long pals Richard Lowe and Rob Bendelow formed their first band "Lammergier" during the mid 70's together with folk guitarist turned rock bassist Barry Yates. The name changed to "SARACEN" in the early 80's, but the music remained the same; an ever growing repertoire of powerful guitar orientated rock, laced with lush keyboards and evocative vocals. The double CD Red Sky / Heroes, Saints and Fools covers the band's early years. The conceptual CD "Vox in Excelso" was released in 2006 to great acclaim and has earned the band more and more respect. In 2011 the fantastic concept album "Marilyn" which was based on the life and times of Marilyn Monroe was released. However, shortly after the release of 'Marilyn', Paul Bradder and Steve Bettney challenged Rob Bendelow to write a 'back to our roots' Saracen album. 'Redemption' is the result. A collection of 'signature' epic tracks, interspersed with heavy rockers and one beautiful ballad. It also includes complete re-works of two anthems from the 1981 debut album, 'Heroes, Saints and Fools' - namely - 'Crusader' and 'Ready To Fly'. Track no.2 on the album - 'Reacher' - was inspired by Jack Reacher, the fictional creation of best-selling author Lee Child. Lee heard an early demo of the song and felt that it captured the spirit of his 18-novel, 1-film hero!. It certainly is a great song and rocks along at a fantastic pace. Saracen have used the expert talents of Tommy Hansen of Jailhouse studios in Denmark, a man who is no stranger to rock music circles. His work is world famous and his expertise shines through on this exciting new album. British Rock never sounded better.
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