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SATYRIAN - Eternitas

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Roman Schönsee (vocals)
Kemi Vita (vocals)
Judith Stüber (vocals)
Jan Yrlund (guitar, programming)
Oliver Philipps (piano, vocals)
Milos Marisevic (bass)
Merijn Mol (drums & percussion)
Produced by: Oliver Philipps, Christian Moos, Jan Yrlund
Engineered by: Christian Moos
Mixed by : Christian Moos
Mastered by: tbd
SATYRIAN is an international gothic rock band, combining dark atmospheric lyrics with wave, rock, classical orchestration, piano and heavy guitars. “Eternitas” consists of 12 songs offering a wide variety of music styles from pure dark rock songs, danceable industrial beats and folk elements to atmospheric slow songs filled with classical orchestrations. The two different female voices in combination with rough and clean male voices are utilized extensively. The guitar work varies from rock and metal riffing to melodic leads and is often combined with the piano playing along. The lyrics offer a dark atmospheric approach and are based on deep personal emotions. The topics are about life and death, desires, fears, loosing a loved one and all eternity, The Eternitas. The story of the new album Eternitas and also that of SATYRIAN goes back to December 2002. This is when the band started the album recordings at the Spacelab Studio in Germany. Although back then operating as Danse Macabre, this can be considered as the beginning of SATYRIAN. The recordings started with the drummer Merijn Mol (Danse Macabre, The Dreamside), the bassist Milos Marisevic (Danse Macabre) and the composer / guitarist Jan “Örkki” Yrlund (Danse Macabre, ex- Lacrimosa, Prestige, Imperia, Angel, Delain). The piano and some clean vocals were performed by the producer Oliver Philipps (also in Everon). The band invited Kemi Vita (The Dreamside) as a guest vocalist. Also Judith “Ciara” Stüber took part on the recordings. She was already singing three songs on the band’s previous album called “Eva”. The band had an upcoming summer-tour ahead of them in Finland in 2003 so the guys of the band asked the guests to join them. The female vocalists Kemi and Judith gladly agreed and also the producer Oliver was willing to join the band for this journey. And finally they also found a singer to complete the line-up: Roman Schönsee (ex- Pyogenesis, The Bloodline, The Dreamside). The band started rehearsing at the Spacelab Studio and soon after they flew over to Finland and played the gigs. On this occasion they also shot scenes for an upcoming video-clip up North in Lapland with the director Jari Koskela. Afterwards the band enjoyed a short but well earned holiday together. After the tour it was obvious that the line-up worked very well and everybody wanted to join the band as full members. The new album still needed to be completed with vocals, so preparations were made and the songs rehearsed. In April 2004 the band went back to the Spacelab Studio. Now all three vocalists were experimenting a lot and the recordings were truly a creative process. While being busy with vocals, the band got carried away and recorded new piano, bass and orchestral parts. And they added an extra song on the album. In June 2004 the album-recordings were finally completed. On the same go the band started using their new moniker: SATYRIAN.
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