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SHADES AND PETERS - Let The Record Spin

US Release : TGDT1430

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Martie Peters (vocals)
Rene Shades (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, banjo)
Jim Cregan (guitar)
Keith Scott (guitar)
Kevin Savigar (keyboards)
Phil Taylor (keyboards)
Morton Sandager (keyboards)
Carsten Pedersen (bass)
Paul Bushnell (bass)
Mickey Curry (drums)
Paul Robinson (drums)
Tony Brock (drums)
Jimmy Z (saxophone, horns, harmonica)
Lee Thornberg (horns)
Lina Finn (vocals)
Produced by: Rene Shades
Engineered by: Rene Shades
Mixed by : Rene Shades
Mastered by: Jan Eliason
Martie Peters was the lead singer for the Danish hard rock band, Push and Rene Shades is the bass player in Pretty Maids and has been a collaborator of Mike Tramp for several years. They have created an incredible album with a classic rock feel in no par by the line up of musicians including members of Rod Stewart's band and members of Bryan Adams touring band.
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