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SHERIFF - Sheriff

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Freddy Curci (vocals)
Steve DeMarchi (guitar, vocals)
Wolf D. Hassel (bass, vocals)
Arnold David Lanni (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Rob Elliott (drums)
Produced by: Stacy Heydon
Engineered by: Greg Roberts
Mixed by : Dave Wittman
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig
Remastered by: Andy Pearce
Special Limited Deluxe Collector's Edition . Fully Remastered Sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology. 16 page full colour booklet - 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, memorabilia, rare photos and involvement from the band. AT THE time of release, it's fair to say that Sheriff was dismissed by music critics as yet another melodic Canadian hard rock band deploying the kind of AOR that could be heard anywhere, anytime. One of a long list of similar sounding acts such as Loverboy, Streetheart and Coney Hatch. But then, completely out of the blue, some seven years later, something rather unexpected happened... Initially issued in 1982, Sheriff's debut album failed to ignite the public's consciousness. Sure, it was a fine record with all the accoutrements expected of such work but the bands appeal was severely dented by inadequate promotion and a crowded market place. Amazingly, in 1989 DJ started spinning the power Ballad 'When I'm With You', a song that quickly gained momentum at virtually every radio station resulting in a US #1 hit single. This was a unique and totally overwhelming event and one that made everyone reassess the Sheriff album in an entirely new light. Pompous and grandiose, Sheriff's style is perfectly in alignment with all the great AOR bands of the early 80s, offering up huge hooks, ripping guitar work and killer keyboard arrangements. The icing on the cake, however, is Freddy Curci's amazing vocals, a man blessed with a range that evokes the greatest work of Freddy Mercury and Steve Perry. Hear it all costs."
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