SHIVA "Desert Dreams"

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Anette Johansson (vocals)
Mats Edström (guitars, keyboards, background vocals)
Produced by: Mats Edstrom
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Mats Edstrom
Mastered by: Hans Olssen
SHIVA is one of the most promising hard rock bands, among others because of the outstanding femal vocal performance of Anette Johansson. The previous self titled album achieved enthusiastic feedback from press and fans and reached # 7 in the german ROCK HARD soundcheck which is incredible for a hard rock newcomer! SHIVA's main members are Mats Edström (guitars, keyboards, background vocals) and Anette Johansson (lead and background vocals). While recording the two of them use some fellow musicians to fill in the drums and bass. Mats began playing in bands when he was 15 years old, his first band being called ARROW (1984). The band opened for acts like EUROPE and MOTÖRHEAD but broke up in 1989. Around that time Mats bought a music studio and was involved in different projects until 1992, before starting off a new band, called YANKEE HEAVEN. Anette lives out in the bush and 12 Siberian Huskies! Next to music these sleddogs are a great passion of hers. Anette started singing at 16 and has been involved in a lot of different bands. With one of them, ANGELEZ, she reached the finals of the "On Stage" competition in Stockholm, Sweden, where Anette got rewarded for outstanding singing. She joined YANKEE HEAVEN when she was 18. The band did a lot of groovy and funny gigs like a Motor Costum Show and cool (literaly) show at a hockey match with a couple of thousand spectators.
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