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Roland Pierrehumbert (vocals, harmonica)
Lawrence Lina (guitar)
Mikael Riffart (guitar)
Nick Thornton (bass)
Lionel Blanc (drums)
Produced by: Sideburn
Engineered by: Gregoire Pasquier, Sideburn
Mixed by : Gregoire Pasquier
Mastered by: Christoph Stickel
Switzerland is a rocking country. Nothing new in that and it's rather the classic rock sound they prefer. Obviously AC/DC, KROKUS or SHAKRA still play a major role in the almost twenty years history of SIDEBURN. Nevertheless, album number eight isn't just a dull copy of the classics. Well, there's not much innovation either but a fresh and powerful sound and in "Turn Away", SIDEBURN offer a possible hit as well. "#Eight" is one of the best records of the Swiss outfit.
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