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SILENT RAGE "Still Alive"

European Import : Z Records - ZR199771

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E.J. Curse (bass, vocals)
Jesse Damon (guitar, vocals)
Brian James (drums, vocals)
Mark Hawkins (guitar, vocals)
Produced by: Bob Ezrin, Kevin Bermish, Pat Regan and Silent Rage
Engineered by: Kevin Bermish, Pat REgan and Michael French
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
After a long hiatus, SILENT RAGE is back in Full Force!!! These guys are showing that they have the balls to deliver great music again! Since the bands debut, they have lived up to their motto "It's always been about being on stage, and at arms distance with our fans"! Their New Material continues where "DON'T TOUCH ME THERE" left off, but with much more Fury… SILENT RAGE formed in 1985 with the three founding members, (EJ CURSE, JESSE DAMON, & MARK HAWKINS). The Bands is known for their multi - captivating vocals, their blending styles of guitar and bass, and their signature song writing! In 1987, They Teamed up with Producer/Artist PAUL SABU to Produce their first CD "SHATTERED HEARTS" (Chameleon). It was a busy time for SILENT RAGE, appearing on three different Albums simultaneously that year. The other releases were "MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY" Motion Picture Soundtrack, song entitled "RICH, YOUNG, AND PRETTY," also, "BEST FROM THE WEST" (Rampage/Rhino) Compilation CD for "Seagrams Winecoolers" Contest. SILENT RAGE placed second in the U. S. for the song "MAKE IT OR BREAK IT." In August of 1988, GENE SIMMONS signed them to SIMMONS RECORDS, and (Drummer) BRIAN JAMES joined the Band soon thereafter. PAUL SABU, PAT REAGAN, & MIKEY DAVIS Were chose to lend their Production skills on the forthcoming SILENT RAGE CD, Along with GENE SIMMONS as Executive Producer. In 1989, they released their second CD "DON'T TOUCH ME THERE" (Simmons/RCA). That reached #1 on European Import charts. The song "REBEL WITH A CAUSE" was released as a single, and the Band debuted Their first Video on MTV with this song! Next, the Band toured with BLACK SABBATH for the (Headless Cross) tour. In the 90's, SILENT RAGE continued touring, appearing Live, and songwriting Collectively, as well as with other Artists. And now, with the NEW Millenium here, The SILENCE is broken, and the Band is RAGING towards a new beginning!!! SILENT RAGE has signed a World Wide Deal with "Z RECORDS" out of England. With the reissue of their first two CD releases due to come out "Fall of 2001". A brand new SILENT RAGE CD will follow with a release in the spring of 2002. The first four songs were Produced by Bob Ezrin (Kiss, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper), and Co-Produced and Engineered by Kevin Beamish (R E O Speedwagon, Y&T). The rest of the songs were Produced by SILENT RAGE. "This Record is something the fans have been requesting for a long time, well now it's a reality"! The material included on their CD ranges from the Scorpianesk like tune, written by Diane Warren titled "Unchained", to the rip your face off tracks such as "Im Still Alive", and "Livin' For The Moment", along with a smooth gliding Bentley titled "When The Night Is Over". This quartet have remained intact with a tremendous commitment and passion for writing and performing ! "We've been songwriting and jamming for so long, that it's in our blood".
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