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Slav Simanic (guitar, keyboards)
Phil Naro (vocals)
Morgan Evans (drums)
Zsolt Henczely (bass)
Produced by: Slav Simanic
Engineered by: Slav Simanic
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Born in Smederevo, Yugoslavia, Slav started to play guitar at the age of 12, receiving classical training while in school. In the early '90s, he started an instrumental rock band called "Bride" - the band played clubs, guitar festivals and received radio airplay. Slav then relocated to Canada in 1994 and began teaching guitar at the New Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and he operates his own teaching and recording business, Bride Music Studio. During 2000 he released his first solo album entitled "Water Of Life" (through Guitar 9 Records in North America and Marquee/Avalon in Japan): a mostly instrumental CD which advances a powerful Christian message through its occasional use of spoken word quotes taken from the Bible. The music on "Water Of Life" is intense, aggressive hard rock/metal and displays both rich arrangements and a dedication to the sound of overdriven guitar riffs played with precision and dynamics. Simanic is a fierce guitar player, and his debut recording proves that high-intensity shred can be delivered with taste, melody and a passion for musical quality. He has been also featured in various tribute albums including "Warmth In The Wilderness - Tribute to Jason Becker"; "Crushing Days - Tribute To Joe Satriani"; "Rewired - Tribute To Jeff Beck". Slav`s new album "Let It Go", features ten vocal songs (featuring none other than ex-Talas / 24K frontman Phil Naro on lead vocals) and four instrumentals. The recording was mixed and mastered by Mike Dmitrovic of Emerald Rain and is, in the words of Slav himself, "intended to give the listener the impression of sitting in the front row of a giant theatre. Each song can be visualised with the action taking place right in front of your eyes. The biggest surprise will be when we recognise ourselves on the stage as well". The European version of "Let It Go" contains a bonus CD which will contain the entire "Water Of Life" album.
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