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US Release : NEH115

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Peri Pastor (vocals)
Val Gaina (guitar)
Shaun Luera (bass)
Shad Wilhelm (drums)
Produced by: Val Gaina
Engineered by: Val Gaina
Mixed by: Val Gaina
Mastered by: Val Gaina

Siren on the Moon, is a Los Angeles based modern rock band led by dynamic American vocalist Peri Pastor and Russian rock star Val Gaina. Val Gaina's musical projects have sold more than 12.5 million albums along with selling out Arena's in his native Russia. The band's debut release, entitled "11:11," was recently reviewed by Powerplay magazine, July 2014: "…rock tunes that many bands would probably kill for. Pastor's impressive vocals are the highlight throughout the album: strong, clear, quite distinctive and the delivery is spot on… ripe and ready for East Coast radio play." The New Noise webmagazine, June 2014: "Peri Pastor… is an American singer and an incredibly gifted songwriter, able to switch from baritone tones to graceful and heavenly vocalisms, while Val Gaina is a legendary guitarist, known thanks… to his multicolored virtuosity. The two have shuffled the cards on the table, making a mockery of labels and delivering some truly original and expressive compositions." Siren On The Moon is headed for a big shebang in the music business. Modern rock at it's finest that both melodic rockers and modern rock lovers alike are being blown away by their insanely awesome music. Siren On The Moon tracks have been entered for consideration into the 57th Grammy Awards. If there was ever a "Best New Artist," this is it!

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