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Chuck Williams (vocals)
Don LaFon (guitar, keyboards)
John Sample (bass)
Darren Davis (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Gregg gill
Mixed by : Don LaFon
Mastered by: Don LaFon
Six Minute Century is a power/prog metal band from Houston, Texas. Formed in the summer of 2004, the band has become one of the top power/prog metal bands in the area. Lead by guitarist Don LaFon (Krucible, Mystic Cross, Logan), the band, which also features John Sample on bass and Darren Davis (Outworld) on drums, fuses a mixture of power/prog metal with the groove of more southern style metal. Add to the band the soaring vocal melodies of Chuck Williams and you get a musical sound in the vein of Savatage / Dio / Kamelot, with the vocal style of Fates Warning / Dream Theater / TNT. While all members of Six Minute Century are technically proficient, the band does not fit the category of a band that tries to impress with how many notes they can play. Rather Six Minute Century prefers to write songs with melody, hooks, passion and groove that will appeal to a wider audience than many of today’s progressive metal bands. Chuck Williams writes many lyrics about historical events to accompany Don LaFon’s musical orchestrations. Six Minute Century’s debut release, “Time Capsules”, brings the listener into such events as The Iraq War, The Oklahoma City bombing, and the life of the legendary Martin Luther King Jr., as well as other non historical stories. “Time Capsules” is set for a Spring release on Nightmare Records.
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