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SONATA ARCTICA - Pariahs Child

US Release : NBA3216

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1. The Wolves Die Young
2. Running Lights
3. Take One Breath
4. Cloud Factory
5. Blood
6. What Did You Do In The War, Dad?
7. Half A Marathon Man
8. X Marks The Spot
9. Love
10. Larger Than Life
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Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Sonata Arctica are back with a new album that, at least externally, relives the glory of the past times. A new album with the flavour of the old: old logo, old artwork style and old wolves' theme are back. What about the inside? Overall this is a simple and catchy release: something inherited from the controversial STONES GROW HER NAME, but PARIAH'S CHILD also brings back some of that RECKONING NIGHT-esque melodic power, even if a more modern approach impregnates the whole album. PARIAH'S CHILD is, compared to the usual band's standards, a slow album. The double bass power metal rides have been replaced by quieter mid-tempos, with Henkka's keys bossing the show, while new entry Pasi Kauppinen satisfies, who was, since 2007, waiting for another UNIA to hear more bass. PARIAH'S CHILD offers nice ideas, good musicianship, a variegated Tony Kakko and an epic, ,,Larger Than Life".PARIAH'S CHILD trusts the emotional power Sonata Arctica always had.
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