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SOULSPELL - Labyrinth Of Truths

European Import : AORH514

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Jon Oliva (vocals)
Tim Owens (vocals)
Zak Stevens (vocals)
Blaze Bayley (vocals)
Alex Voorhees (vocals)
Carlos Zena (vocals)
Daisa Munhoz (vocals)
Dan Rubin (vocals)
Edu Falaschi (vocals)
German Pascual (vocals)
Gui Antonioli (vocals)
Juri Sanson (vocals)
Jeffereson Albert (vocals)
Leandro Cacoilo (vocals)
Lucas Martins (vocals)
Manuel Saggioro (vocals)
Mario Pastore(vocals)
Mauricio Del Cianco (vocals)
Nanda Fernadez (vocals)
Rafael Gubert (vocals)
Raphael Dantas (vocals)
Tito Falaschi (vocals)
Heleno Vale (drums)
Gariel Magioni (keyboards)
Fernando Giovanetti (bass)
Tito Falaschi (bass)
Rodolfo Pagotto (guitar)
Cleiton Carvalho (guitar)
Leandro Erba (guitar)
Heleno Vale (drums)
Produced by: Tito Falaschi
Engineered by: Campos Junior
Mixed by : Heros Trench
Mastered by: Heros Trench
Soulspell is a Brazilian project conceived by drummer Heleno Vale. Many singers (Jon Oliva, Tim ´Ripper` Owens, Zak Stevens, Blaze Bayley) play different characters in a story concerning the conflicts among human emotions in a way never broached before. These characters face situations of internal conflict as they are requested for making decisions which, without their knowledge, affect and change the course of the present, future, and even past of all the other characters.
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