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SPIRAL FETISH - What Ever Happened To Fun

US Release : NEH127

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Blair (vocals)
Tori (guitar)
Drew (bass)
Smash (drums)
Produced by: Spiral Fetish & Steve Deacutis
Engineered by: Steven Deacutis
Mixed by : Steven Deacutis
Mastered by: Patrick Devindentis

This album deserves to be a classic, one of the best glam/sleeze albums of all time! SPIRAL FETISH was certainly one of the best bands in their genre but this, their one and only album has not seen the light of day in a couple of decades. Starting out as a Hollywood style glam band back in the early to mid 90's called Sikk Sexx, they later changed their name to Spiral Fetish. They got the attention of the Hollywood rock doers and shakers of the era as evidenced by the fact that this CD (released in 1995) was co-produced, engineered and mixed by Steven Deacutis. It's a great slice of glam along the lines of early Pretty Boy Floyd. It's great stuff. Spiral Fetish has been gone a long time, but we got our hands on a few of the remaining CDs that have been in storage for a long time. Get them while you can - when they are gone they are gone for good.

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