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Rick Springfield (vocals, guitar, bass)
Tim Pierce (guitar)
Mike Seifrit (bass)
Dennis Belfield (bass)
Mitchell Froom (keyboards)
Alan Pasqua (keyboards)
John Philip Shenale (keyboards)
Brent Tuggle (keyboards)
Gabriel Katona (keyboards)
Jack White (drums)
Produced by: Rick Springfield, Bill Drescher
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Ricks 1983 album Living in Oz contained more serious subject matter, and more of a hard-rock sound. The album went platinum on the strength of the hits "Human Touch", "Souls", and "Affair of the Heart". That same year he won an American Music Award for "Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist" along with John Cougar Mellencamp.

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