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SPYS - Behind Enemy Lines

European Import : Candy160

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John Blanco (vocals)
Billy Milne (drums, vocals)
John DiGaudio (guitar, vocals)
Al Greenwood (keyboards, vocals)
Ed Gaguardi (bass, vocals)
Produced by: Ed Gagliardi, Al Greenwood
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Special Deluxe Collector's Edition. Fully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology. Features former Foreigner members Al Greemwood and Ed Gagliardi. 12 page full colour booklet - 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork and new interview with vocalist John Blanco "ALTHOUGH SPYS debut album wasn't a fully fledged commercial success it did, however, elevate the band to hot-property status, courting richly deserved reviews and igniting a buzz amongst radio programmers as an act that could write decidedly catchy tunes yet rock with the best of them. The fact that they featured two ex members of Foreigner didn't hurt either. Rushed back into the studio after the completion of a tour supporting .38 Special, the band were suddenly expected to quickly write and record a follow up album in order to capitalise on the their fast rising reputation. For SPYS the pressure was greater than they imagined, not helped by the fact that they opted to self produce. Inevitably, chinks in the armour appeared, resulting in internal friction and a gradual disintegration of the band (guitarist extraordinaire Bob Kullick joining them towards the end). Externally there were also problems with their label, EMI America, giving way to a change in management. Out with the old and in with new. 'Behind Enemy Lines', originally released in 1983, and despite the highly pressurised atmosphere surrounding the recording, is a masterfully crafted album of superior melodic hard rock with a contemporary edge that suggested the band could've taken their place next to giants of the era such as Loverboy and Def Leppard."
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