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STAMPEDE - A Sudden Impulse

European Import : Candyman004

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Reuben Archer (vocals)
Laurence Archer (guitar)
Colin bond (bass)
Ron Wolverson (guitar)
Chris Clowsley (guitar)
Steve Graystone (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Mark Stewart, Sheena Sear
Mastered by: Mark Stewart, Sheena Sear

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal was responsible for a lot of tosh but Stampede, were one of the most respected hard rock acts during the era, receiving both critical and commercial acclaim. Signed to Polydor Records, the band released two albums of seriously impressive melodic rock, tough on delivery yet sweet enough to suggest that the band weren't just a one trick pony. Compared to the earthy swagger of UFO and Fastway, the group's sound made much of its British roots and yet hinted at the sort of vibe that was making Def Leppard a household name in North America. It didn't hurt either, that vocalist Rueben Archer was a cut above the average histrionic heavy metal goon and that guitarist Lawrence Archer (yes, they are related!) had been identified by the rock cognoscenti as one of the leading lights of the genre. It's no surprise then that Laurence was snapped up by both UFO and Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott immediately after Stampede's mid 1980's hiatus. Fast forward some 25 years... with the band's catalogue back in print, the interest generated prompted Rueben to consider a reformation of the original band. He floated the concept by Lawrence and received a surprisingly warm reaction, resulting in the two main offenders buckling down to a period of writing, rehearsing and recording. Together with original bassist Colin Bond and a handful of helping hands - including new hot shot guitarist Rob Wolverson and drummer Steve Graystone - the band have crafted a worthy and impressive, long lost follow-up to 'Hurricane Town', a new record harnessing all the promise of the original band but with the experience of years crafting their art in numerous studios and on the live circuit. This new studio album includes two bonus tracks and features original members Reuben Archer, Lawrence Archer and Colin Bond.

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