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STAR QUEEN "Your True Self"

European Import : LMC102

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Stella Tormanoff (vocals)
Peter Uven (bass)
Thorbjorn Englund (guitar)
Mats Holma (drums)
Produced by: Thorbjorn Englund
Engineered by: Thorbjorn Englund
Mixed by : Thorbjorn Englund
Mastered by: Thorbjorn Englund
Your True Self is the second album of the unique project StarQueen, and the second part of the concept which started 2002 with Faithbringer. There is only a light motive connecting the two albums. The sound is much more powerful and definately more gothic and melancholic. The long solos and power metal elements are replaced with darker lyrics, more melodies and harmonies. The progressive structure of the songs and the classical heavy metal background are the trademarks of Winterlongs guitarplayer Thorbjorn Englund and his style of arranging and producing. The singer and composer Stella Tormanoff has done the artwork this time and developed the fairy-tale of the Faithbringer into the philosophical and existencial quest of being Your True Self. The vocals are so syncrethic, so there is not so much to compare them with. The album features two new members of the band - Peter Uvén (bass) and Mats Holma (drums). They are both from Sweden. Peter Uvén is showing very original bass playing more typical for the 70´s and quite unusual for todays heavy metal.
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