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US Release : NEH108

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Dairenn Lombard (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Greg Pajer (guitar)
Neara Russell (keyboards)
Andrew James (bass)
Blake Paulsen (drums)
Produced by: Tim Moore, Dairenn Lombard
Engineered by: Tim Moore, Greg Pajer, Dairenn Lombard
Mixed by : Dairenn Lombard
Mastered by: Tom Parham
In the third commercial release by one of the only melodic rock groups in LA, STARFIRE breaks cliches one track at a time on 'The Way I Am.' Featuring ten, head-banging cuts of heavy, groove-centric songs that range from cheerful to dark to downright sinful, 'The Way I Am' is for rock fans tired of alternative, and in need of a fresh take on the melodic rock sound. Rockers that crave the sounds of albums like 'Bark at the Moon' by Ozzy Osbourne or 'Breaking the Chains' by Dokken will appreciate this new glorious take on hard melodic rock music by STARFIRE.
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