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David Steele (voclas, guitar)
Kenny Geatros (guitar)
Gary Koenig, John Dryden, Randy Booth, Jim Buckston, Joey Alvaro (bass)
Darcy McDonald, Paul Minshall, Billy Blasser, Kevin Williams (keyboards)
Ronnie Baran, Rick Fedyk, Lorne Etkin, Burt Richardson, Theo Thunder (drums)
Produced by: Geatros, Steele
Engineered by: Geatros, Steele
Mixed by : Geatros, Steele
Mastered by: Vic Levak
This amazing album entitled Spin, is a fresh and new collection of melodic rock songs featuring both undiscovered gems from the late 80s and 90s and re-mastered versions of a few songs already hits in the AOR world. Stiletto features the superb vocals of David Steele, known for his harmony work on Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, The Cult, and Motley Crue and as lead vocalist for Double Dealer. Virtuoso guitarist Kenny Geatros, also in Double Dealer as well as Renegade, co-wrote and co-produced and adds to the talented team on this album,which also features John Webster and Ken Lomas of Aerosmith production fame, Paul Dean from Loverboy, and Jim Buckshon from Renegade Sounds. Backing musicians during the Stiletto days include Gary Koenig, John Dryden, Randy Booth (RIP), Jim Buckshon and Joey Alvaro on bass, Ronnie Baran, Rick Fedyk, Lorne Etkin, Burt Richardson, and Theo Thunder on drums, Paul Minshall, Darcy MacDonald, Bill Bressler and Kevin Williams on keyboards, and David Steele, Ronnie Baran, John Dryden, Paul Minshall, Paul Gaffney, and Sue Leonard on background vocals Carefully selected, tastefully put-together songs makes Spin an album that you will not want to miss!
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