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STORM - Storm II

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Jeanette Chase (vocals, keyboards)
Lear Stevens (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Ronni Hansen (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Jimmy Monroe (drums)
Produced by: Michael Verdick
Engineered by: Michael Verdick
Mastered by : Wally Traugott
Re-mastered by: Jon Astley
Time to batten down the hatches one more time… The hard rock highway is littered with those that should have/could have made it if only lady luck was smiling in their direction. None more so than Orange County four piece Storm, who first whipped up the proverbial gale in 1979 with a self titled album for MCA that fell unceremoniously by the wayside while others shot to fame and fortune. Down but not out, the band retrenched and re-shuffled their line up (still helmed by Jeanette Chase and Lear Stevens) making way for a second assault this time four years later on a different label (Capitol) and with a more powerful, full throated roar that suggested victory would be within easy reach. During this intervening period the bands sound had mutated from its quirky pop rock origins to a bigger, beefier sound fusing a love of Queen and the Sweet with hard hitters like Led Zeppelin and Van Halen. Storm II, originally released in 1983, although failing to propel the band to worldwide success, earned impressive critical appraisal amongst the hard rock cognoscenti (hailed by Kerrang! magazine as an overlooked work of brilliance) subsequently becoming a collectors favourite and a yardstick by which many a similar record has been measured. Truly, a bonafide cult classic.
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