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STORM - Storm

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Jeanette Chase (vocals)
Lear Stevens (guitar)
Ronni Hansen (bass)
David Devon (drums)
Produced by: Storm
Engineered by: George Tutko
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: George Marino
Re-mastered by: Jon Astley
The late seventies were a veritable playground for female fronted hard rock (Heart, Pat Benatar, 1994 and the Runaways being just a few examples) and critics faves Storm were, no exception. Originating from Orange County, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, acclaimed singer Jeanette Chase led a band rich in both melody and muscle honing and refining their biggest, mainly British, influences including Queen, Led Zeppelin and the Sweet. Earnestly working the live circuit, the bands dedication and originality paid off when, in 1977, they signed a record deal with ABC-Dunhill only to find their new label collapsing around their ears. Absorbed by the giant MCA Corporation, they eventually unleashed their debut album to enormous critical acclaim in 1979 but, sadly, for reasons not of their own making, the album sank without trace leaving the band to retrench and rethink before relaunching in the eighties on Capitol Records. Feted, at the time, by those who heard its content, Storm's debut is now regarded as a hard rock classic laced with both class and precision.
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