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Australian Import : AORH3397

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Goran Edman (vocals)
Sven larsson (guitar)
Fredrik Bergh (keyboards)
Bjorn Lodmark (bass)
Tony Franklin (bass)
Christian Johansson (drums)
Produced by: Fredrik Bergh
Engineered by: Per Ryberg
Mixed by : Per Ryberg
Mastered by: JK Northrup
When Fredrik Bergh decided to take his band Street Talk out of commission after their 2004 album 'Destination', we all thought 'that was it'. All over rover. Like the proverbial Lazarus, Bergh has reunited the band and continued on into 2006 like he's never been away. Listening to 'V', it really is a repeat dose of many of their former songs rebadged with slightly different arrangements and lyrics. Familiarity like this is a god-send, great easy-on-the-ear listening. The band entertain us with a bouncy energetic opener called 'Responsible', but really.. there are so many great moments here I'd be hard pressed to select a favourite. Digitally remastered re-issue incl. bonus tarcks and strictly limited to 500 copies.
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