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STRYPER - Murder By Pride

US Release : BGTH36868

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Michael Sweet (vocals, guitar)
Oz Fox (guitar)
Tracie Ferrie (bass)
Robert Sweet (drums)
Produced by: Michael Sweet, Danny Bernini
Engineered by: Michael Sweet, Danny Bernini
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig
Formed in 1983, Stryper are pioneers in the mainstream popularization of Christian hard rock and metal music, with overall sales in excess of 8 million records and one Platinum and two Gold records received for the albums "To Hell with the Devil" and "In God We Trust". The band released five studio albums before disbanding in February 1992. Singer Michael Sweet pursued a solo career, while the other members have kept on working together, until Stryper came back in the original line up during 2005, releasing the acclaimed new album entitled "Reborn". In the past few years singer Michael Sweet started to cooperate with Boston and the result of this is a stunning recording of the classic song "Peace of Mind" on the brand new album "Murder By Pride", which sees none other than Tom Scholz guesting on guitar. "After years of speaking to fans and hearing comments like 'more guitars,' 'more solos' and 'more screams'", says Michael Sweet "I decided to keep those comments in mind as I wrote each song. It was important to me to try to get back to that early sound of STRYPER yet at the same time, to remain relevant today. It's certainly not an easy thing to do but as I listen to 'Murder By Pride', I think that was accomplished". "I got the idea of the title 'Murder By Pride' from seeing pride consume dreams, goals and many times, lives" continues Sweet "We all deal with pride and it can be crippling, so I wanted to write a lyric and a theme that would be a constant reminder of that. This record has been in the works for a long, long time and I can only hope that it was worth the wait!"

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