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SUPERTRAMP "Some Things Never Change"

US Release : Oxygen - OXG90002

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1. It's A Hard World
2. You Win, I Lose
3. Get Your Act Together
4. Live To Love You
5. Some Things Never Change
6. Listen To Me Please
7. Sooner Or Later
8. Help Me Down That Road
9. And The Light
10. C'Est What?
11. Where There's A Will
12. Untitled - (hidden track)
Mark Hart (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Rick Davies (vocals, keyboards)
Carl Verheyen (guitar)
John Helliwell (saxophone, woodwinds)
Lee R. Thornburg (trumpet, trombone, background vocals)
Cliff Hugo (bass)
Tom Walsh (drums, percussion)
Bob Siebenberg (drums)
Additional Personnel
Bob Danzinger (kalimba)
Karen Lawrence (background vocals)
Kim Nail (background vocals)
Produced by: Jack Douglas, Fred Mandel
Engineered by: Jay Messina, Ian Gardner
Mixed by : name
Mastered by: name

Rick Davies, Bob Siebenberg, Mark Hart and John Helliwell re-formed Supertramp with a number of anonymous studio musicians in 1997 to record and release Some Things Never Change, their first album in ten years. And the title is correct, nothing much has changed within Supertramp's world; they're simply churning out the same sophisticated jazzy, lite-funk-inflected pop as they did in the mid-'80s. All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.

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