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Paul Liffengren (keyboards)
Matt Liffengren (guitars)
Kurt Heinzman (vocals)
Jimmy Rojas (drums)
Brent Holderman (guitars)
Daniel Wright (bass)
Produced by: Matt & Paul Liffengren
Engineered by: Robert Berry, J.R. McNeeley, Don Bud & Brad Smalling
Mixed by : Brad Smalling
Mastered by: Jim Wilson
Sure Conviction was a dream that came to fruition around 1990. Paul & Matt Liffengren started out as songwriters who in 1991 walked into “Soundtek Studios” in Campbell, CA and ended up recording four CD’s over the next 10 years in three different studios. We had many personnel changes on recordings as well as our live band. It has been rewarding recording these songs and revisiting them during the remastering process. As independent artists we never had any “hits” although we had limited airplay of some of our tunes and sold several thousands of our CD’s overseas (most without our knowledge) and gained a bit of an international following. Therefore we decided to pick the songs we either played the most or the ones other people have commented to us as their favorites. So, this is Paul & Matt Liffengren’s “Best Of Sure Conviction” collection. If you like bands such as Boston, Def Leppard, Journey & Foreigner with gospel style lyrics in the vein of Petra, John Elefante, Mastedon you will love this CD.
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