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SWEET SAVAGE - Regeneration

European Import : Candyman003

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Joogles Watson (drums)
Trevor Fleming (guitar)
Ray Haller (bass, vocals)
Ian Wilson (guitar)
MartyMcClosky (drums)
Produced by: Simon McBride
Engineered by: Simon McBride
Mixed by : Simon McBride
Mastered by: tbd

With the revival of interest in Classic Rock, a number of acts have sought to take advantage of this most fortifying of circumstances. Everyone, from enormo-dome monsters such as Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest to relatively small-fish-in-a-big-pond combos such as Accept and Armored Saint has dipped their toes into the water of late, all with surprisingly refreshing results. Sometimes these regroupings are undertaken with ulterior motives at their heart whilst others are instigated by a simple desire to dust themselves down and jump back in the ring to settle some unfinished business. To that particular list we can now add Sweet Savage. Formed in Belfast during the late 70s and originally featuring Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell, Sweet Savage earned their NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) stripes by releasing a succession of hard hitting singles and playing some of the most impressive live gigs of the era. Sadly, maybe due to geographical restrictions, the band failed to achieve the same success as their partners in crime such as Saxon, Samson, Iron Maiden and Diamond Head. It was no fault of their music that's for sure. With true grit and determination the band continued to make sporadic reformations over the years, most notably in 1991 following Metallica's surprise decision to record one of their signature tracks as the b-side of 'The Unforgiven' single. In July last year the band reached a crisis point with the death of original guitarist Trevor Fleming but not before they had completed their latest album titled 'Regeneration' Vibrant and full of vim and vigour, perhaps the best thing of all about this latest record is the fact the band have refused to abandon their roots, crafting songs and riffs that although contemporary in execution do not for one moment lose sight of their original scruffy urchin intention. This, their new studio album features original members Ray Haller, Ian 'Speedo' Wilson, Trevor Fleming and a special guest appearance from Vivian Campbell.

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