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TKO - Let It Roll

US Release : DIVE002

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Brad Sinsel (vocals)
Rick Pierce (guitar)
Tony Bortko (guitar, keyboards)
Mark Seidenverg (bass)
Darryl Siguenza (drums)
Produced by: Mike Flicker
Engineered by: Mike Flicker, Terry Gottlieb
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Jamie King
In 1978 a little known Seattle band (formerly Mojo Hand) emerged with an album that would become a classic slab of American rock 'n' roll. Drawing influence from other '70s rock acts like Boston, Heart and Journey, but maintaining a sound all their own, TKO garnered critical acclaim for their achievements. Even with the praise being thrown upon the band while opening for acts such as AC/DC, Van Halen, The Kinks and Cheap Trick, their label (Infinity Records) mismanaged money (apparently signing The Pope for $6 million) and went bankrupt soon after the album's release leaving TKO without a home. Despite the bottom falling out, the band pressed on in support of the material they had spent years perfecting, but eventually the Let It Roll-era lineup disbanded sending members to start new bands throughout Seattle, most notably, Rick Pierce eventually to Floyd Rose's Q5. Vocalist Brad Sinsel however took TKO and pressed onward with a new lineup and grittier edge which can be heard on the album In Your Face. Features new informative essay by acclaimed metal author, Martin Popoff. A proper release of Let It Roll has been long overdue considering the countless bootlegs that have surfaced over the years. This reissue contains not only the original version of Let It Roll but a previously unreleased 7 track live radio performance recorded in 1978 for KZOK Seattle. TKO's ranks have included members who eventually went onto bands such as FIFTH ANGEL, HOUSE OF LORDS, ALICE COOPER, WAR BABIES, CHASTAIN and Q5.
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