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KEN TAMPLIN - An Axe To Grind + Soul Survivor

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Ken Tamplin (vocals, guitar)
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After two very successful glam/metal albums as the frontman for Shout, Frontline Records released Ken Tamplin's solo debut in 1990 on its Intense Records label, with the assistance of Lanny Cordola and Scott Van Zen. Since this solo debut was being recorded at the same time as Magdallan-Big Bang, the musical similarities are noticeable. An Axe To Grind is a dazzling compilation of guitar and vocal theatrics, sporting Ken's range-defining vocals, pop/metal guitar licks, and well-crafted songs. Arriving at a time when Christian metal suffered from inadequate songwriting, subpar production and boring presentation, Tamplin offered a breath of fresh air and excellence. An Axe To Grind was an experimental album, featuring eclectic outings with diverse session musicians and friends. Five tracks are instrumentals. Most of the songs are typical songs in the Def Leppard vein, plus a couple of Petra-ish power ballads. By the time Soul Survivor came out, the breakup with Lanny Cordola had occurred, So Ken left most of the axe work to Scott Van Zen, sealing Ken's credentials as a great vocalist (with a four to five octave range) and songwriter. It moves even further toward the more commercial sound of Boston or Journey, mixing hard rock tracks with art-rock meanderings. In In 1999 KMG Records released a '2-for-1' CD re-issue containing most of the songs from both albums.
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